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from Lee Warren, Death Educator & End of Life Preparation Coach

“Every time I have a conversation with Lee Warren, I get one step closer to being prepared for something that we all lean into, the mystery at the end of life.”

- Patrick Davis

Hospice Chaplain & Haywood County End of Life Co-Founder & Board President

“I appreciate the multitude of topics related to end of life decisions that Lee presents. As I become more informed, I realize I can decide what feels most important to me, and take the appropriate actions. Lee is knowledgeable, heartful, and interesting.”

- Diane Baker

“Lee conveys the importance of end of life planning with humor and wisdom. What a gift for our friends and families as we take the burden of hard decisions off their shoulders by ensuring our wishes are known ahead of time! So grateful.”

- Patricia Kyritsi Howell

Writer, Teacher, Herbalist

Hi I’m Lee Warren.

“I am a death educator, end-of-life preparation coach, and caregiver support ally. I help folks with end-of-life contemplation, preparation, and acceptance.  I believe that death awareness, death literacy, and death positivity is a foundation for becoming an alive, present, and embodied human. It will help you create the kind of end-of-life experience that aligns with your values.

Through this course I expect you will experience the many benefits of befriending death. In addition it will be supportive to you in creating clear end-of-life intentions that will guide you and your loved ones when the time comes.”

What You’ll Learn Over the Next 7 Days

Lesson 1:

Death as Teacher, Death as Gift:

Developing a death-literate, death-informed, and death-positive worldview enhances life.

Lesson 2:

Developing Curiosity Around: End of Life:

The only requirement for an intimacy with death.

Lesson 3:

Preparing Externally for Death:

Setting clear end of life intentions to guide the process and make it easy on loved ones.

Lesson 4:

The Sacred Decline:

Designing our own dying process.

Lesson 5:

Returning the Vessel

Transitioning the body after death.

Lesson 6:

The Blessed Giveaway

Distributing the material world we leave behind.

Lesson 7:

Internal Preparation for Death

A taste of what’s to come.


What they say

“Thank you for educating me on a topic that has been in my mind and didn’t know how to approach. Lee’s work is a doorway towards reflecting on available options and choices related to end of life that is usually avoided or neglected.”

- Evalena Rose


“Lee beautifully blends the nuts and bolts of end of life planning with deeper, heart-centered reflection. Her presentation style is exceedingly engaging facilitation is skillful, affirming, compassionate and interspersed with appropriate humor.”

- Heather Hale

Integrative Health Coach

“We highly recommend to get your end of life papers in order. Lee is full of knowledge and experience and she generously share all her relevant resources to help you complete this process. Don’t procrastinate any longer.”

- Pripo & Rainbow Teplitsky

Therapist & Artist

“Lee Warren brings enthusiasm, humor and profound insight to a topic that can be very challenging. For the first time, I’m really thinking through how I want my end of life experience to be, and taking concrete steps to make that happen.”

- Linda Landon

Human Design Consultant & Coach

“Lee makes it easy and accessible to be in conversation about the charged subject of death, and she conveys a sense of the sacred passage of death in an entirely non-dogmatic way.  I highly recommend her work to people of all ages and stages of life.”

- Robyn Lynn


“I went from knowing nothing about end-of-life planning to having the resources I need to not only plan, but to include my loved ones in conversations and planning with me.”

- Jess Sparks

Artist & Entrepreneur

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